Should You Get the Justin Bieber Hairstyle – Oklahoma City Men’s Hair Stylists

It seems like Justin Bieber, like a lot of guys, just can’t get his hair right. Or maybe it’s just that his hair is always making the news and causing a stir. Hair, and the styles that go with it, is a powerful commodity in Hollywood; fans will clamor and complain or praise a star’s latest good (or bad) haircut on a daily basis. If you’re looking to shock your friends and family and get some attention in the process, it’s possible the newest Justin Bieber hair style may be worth trying out.

English: Justin Bieber at the Sentul Internati...
English: Justin Bieber at the Sentul International Convention Center in West Java, Indonesia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bieber’s last hair cut cost him 80,000 followers on Twitter, so he’s pretty familiar with the fickle tastes of his fans. His latest floppy do with the shaved sides has definitely been turning heads, and judgment appears to be divided on whether or not the style suits the young singing star. Some have made comparisons between his style and those of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. Though Rihanna and Cyrus are obviously female, their hair styles are arguably very masculine and edgy.

It’s always a wise idea to switch up your hair from time to time to keep admirers’ on their toes. Bieber definitely has a knack for doing this and perhaps decided to take his style in a new direction following his break up with Selena Gomez. The 80’s-inspired look isn’t really surprising, given that much of the fashion and hair trends today are using this era as a touchstone. The swoop made girls swoon back in the day and is starting to have the same effect now.

The fact is, if you’re the type of guy who likes to get up in the morning and do practically nothing to his hair, then a Bieber hair style may not be the right choice for you, due to the level of styling that would be required on a daily basis. On the other hand, some guys look great with just about any hair cut that leaves some hair behind. The longer swooping hair left on top is very 1980’s and it might look great on you with very little daily maintenance. Hair that has a coarse texture or a slight curl may not be so easy to work into Bieber’s style, though. Consider visiting with a stylist who can give you some great advice about adopting the style before you make the commitment. Though Bieber can afford to lose 80,000 fans, chances are, you can’t. A stylist can give you an honest and objective view on whether you would look good with a Bieber-style cut.  A ten minute chat with your stylist might be all you need to convince you to take on one of the edgier hair styles of the day.