Hair Texture–Part 2: How to Get It Right

At the end of the day, it’s all about hair consistency; there are a bunch of essentials that go into procuring even hair texture. Whether you own straight, smooth hair that has no curl pattern at all, naturally wavy hair, curly hair or extremely coiled locks, let’s see how we can get it together without having to spend an arm and a leg.

hair texture photo
Photo by calxfornia

Texture’s Evolving Nature

Hair texture is always changing, period. There are parts of your mane that are softer or healthier than others. On the other hand, there might more damaged sections among the silkier locks. Likewise, climate change attacks the hair in bits and pieces. Texture transitions are normal; and even after paying a pro to reach monogamous consistency throughout the mane, texture discrepancies will always exist among the strands. So, don’t worry; the pro-solution for consistent hair texture is in basic hair-care TLC.

Watch the Heat

Do you tend to run the hot iron over your hair a couple of times in hopes to even out the texture? Most women think they get a really good sleek finish and straighter hair by doing this. However, this is a misstep because excessive hot styling will damage the locks.

The pros make sure that they never apply a hot iron over the same section; women at home can achieve the same pro-salon-style finish and texture that others pay big bucks for by slowly and meticulously passing the iron over tresses just after blow drying the mane.

Sleeping Chic

Sometimes, hair is fantastic one day but mysteriously disappears the next. Why you may ask? Well, the one of the biggest adversary to hair texture is resistance, and most people lose texture through friction when they’re sleeping. Rubbing the mane against cotton pillowcases and sheets throughout the night can sometimes produce one giant, frizzy mess when you wake up.

Now, I know that this next suggestion may seem a little expensive, but it’s worth it; silk pillowcases and bed sheets actually help in softening the cuticles and prolonging the life of your natural (or styled) hair texture. If silk linens aren’t in your budget, purchase a soft-silk scarf, and wrap it around the locks when you sleep; you should get the same fantastic results.

And, About Those Curls

Bar none, curls and waves are the most requested texture that we get from clients. A lot of women use hot rollers and curling irons to add their wavy texture; nonetheless, folks can achieve the same awesome results just by sleeping with foam rollers. These old-school wave-producers not only are easy to use, but they’re also really comfortable to sleep with. Just be sure to moisten the locks before applying the rollers, and tie a scarf (silk) around your head for some extra, dream-comfort.


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