How To Have An Honest Conversation With Your Stylist

Have you ever sat in the chair with all sorts of questions going through your mind? Or even promised yourself that “this time for sure,” your gonna ask, only to find yourself biting your tongue again?

hairdresser photoBelieve or not, most women feel timid or nervy when sitting in the hot seat, or some even get sidetracked by their stylist’s trendy ideas. However, the solution to a blissful connection between the professional and a satisfactory result is really in solid communication.

Nine women out of ten can avoid bad hairdos if they know how to speak to their stylist. So, let’s break it down in laymen’s terms and advise you on what a successful conversation with your professional should be like.

First: Talk about your at-home skills.

A stylist needs to know what you can or what you are willing to do at home after you leave the chair. Leaving your appointment with an awesome cut, only to discover a few days after that the style has gone flat can be disheartening.

For example, if you can’t be bothered with daily blow-drying, maybe a straight-hair cut is not for you. Or if you’re going for the trendy rainbow-pastel color but don’t want to indulge in purchasing pro-style color products, you’re going to be sorely disappointed with your new image after about a week.

Just remember, it’s a lot better to be upfront than to be encumbered with a style you can’t manage at home.

Second: Ask about the cost.

Do you want a Scarlett Johansson ombre updo? Well, it’s going to cost you. The image you desire may be worth it, but don’t be blind to reality of the time and work at hand. Nothing is more embarrassing for a client than experiencing a glitch when it comes time to pay.

It’s very “OK” to tell your pro-stylist that you’re on a budget (he or she is probably on one too).

Oh Yeah: Forget about those social media pics.

Bringing social media photos to your appointment is not productive. Instagram and Pinterest are the world’s amusement park of hair legends; if you’re looking for the fairy-tale fast transition from black hair to blonde, you might as well ask the Instagram fairy godmother for one.

Keep in mind that there’s a whole lot of editing, touch-ups and magic filters/effects involved in social media postings; and while your stylist may be a one-of-a-kind pro, they’re still very human.

Next: Enlighten the stylist on why you made the appointment.

Did you know that most appointments are made either right after or just before a major life event? Breakups, weddings, new job or new town…whatever the reason, it’s important never to explore a brand new image without first questioning the motivation behind it.

Sometimes, change is awesome, but timing is also everything. Talking candidly to your stylist about why you want a makeover can be a great way to analyze the large decisions from a distance. This way, your professional can offer you some options that can be effortlessly “undone,” if circumstances ever change.

And, Lastly: Distinguish between fixing and creating color.

It’s one thing to desire new hues, but its something else to have your stylist rescue a failed coloring job. If you need hue correction, the stylist must consider a separate line of attack compared to just executing a new color assignment. For example, going red is very different from using auburn hues to mask a faulty grey color job.

Always tell your stylist:

– What you desired.
– What you got in its place.
– What went wrong and why.
– What you would like now.

FYI- a professional color correction is always going to cost a bit more, even if you’re just covering up an at-home color job fail.


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