Creative Take on the Pixie Cut – Oklahoma City Hairdresser

Choosing a hair cut isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Take the pixie cut, for example. Though you might really love the look, you’re likely to hesitate when it comes to cutting your own hair into a pixie cut because it seems too risky. There are lots of decisions that we make every day that hinge on the idea of risks and potential benefits. Getting your hair cut into a pixie can be daunting because the potential risks versus the potential benefits may not seem to add up. But the pixie cut has a lot more to offer than what a lot of women realize.

Bangs of hair
Bangs of hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The pixie cut is definitely not the “safe” way to go in terms of hair styles, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t just go for it anyway. The pixie cut is such an easy style to work with and depending on the way the hair is cut, it can be remarkably versatile to fix. As risky as this style seems, there are a variety of ways that the cut can be done to flatter a woman’s face. Your stylist can cut bangs to frame your face, for example, or not. Depending on your face shape, your stylist can cut layers into the do. These layers can be tailored to specifically accentuate your best features.

Emma Watson took a chance on a pixie cut with great success. Her short cut isn’t a traditional pixie cut though. The hair at the top of the head and on the sides is longer than most pixie cuts so that she can style the cut in different ways. She can slick the hair back and tuck it behind her ears or pull out the long hair on top to create bangs that are cut to accentuate her eyes and her cheekbones. Watson’s cut is a combination between a pixie and a bob. It’s an easy cut to fix each day with plenty of options for different styles.

A pixie cut can be specifically designed to add volume where it is needed and to focus attention on a woman’s most attractive features. The cut can help to balance out the shape of the face as well. For example, a pixie can be cut to add height to a heart shaped face. This will elongate the appearance of the face. At the same time the sides can be kept flat to further enhance the effect. Bangs can be added to the do to help highlight the eyes or the cheekbones or make the forehead seem less wide.

Discuss your options with your stylist, but don’t give up on the idea of a pixie cut just because it seems too risky. This do isn’t as risky as it seems in the right hands. For best results, find a stylist who knows what he or she is doing when it comes to short pixie cuts.

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