Winter Hairstyles for Teens – OKC Hair Salons

Teens need to stay on the cutting edge in terms of fashion and hair styles. This winter there are some amazing new developments on the runway that have had an impact on hair style trends for teens. Winter hair styles are bold and sexy this season and teens are experimenting more readily with striking hair color options. Rather than get left behind, read on to stay current on what’s hot and what’s not for teens this season.

hairstyle à la Tence Mena
hairstyle à la Tence Mena (Photo credit: S@veOurSm:)e)

Hair can say a lot about a person and it’s especially important for young people to make the right statement. Emo and scene hair has made a big splash over the years, but recently, the punk look has become more important to a larger group of people. For preps, short hair may get more attention than long flowing locks this season. The key is to make the style your own and put together a look that’s trendy but still very “you”.

It’s isn’t especially easy to make hair extensions look their best in the winter. Wearing hats can seriously damage a do that’s based around a lot of extensions. Simple might be sexier this year. Save those temporary extensions for spring and fall! Instead, get some bold and dramatic highlights and keep your style simple.

Experiment with new colors like blue and purple for winter this season. Highlights can make a big different in your overall look without requiring any major changes.

Short hair has recently become more popular for women of all ages and teens are no exception. The pixie cut is perhaps the most pervasive style to impact the runway, but medium length hair like the bob and long hair are still popular as well.

Again, the key is to make the style your own. Mix up the pixie cut with some radical hair color changes and then style your hair with tiny pig tails or buns that are pinned up. Bobs can be remarkably versatile and, if you choose this do, you should maximize that versatility by changing your daily look. Talk with your stylist about all the options that are available to you if you decide to get a bob. Layers, bangs, and the length and angle of the bob are all important factors to consider before you commit to this hair style. Think about getting an ombre look to go with your new cut. Ombre styles can definitely give you a warm look in the midst of the dark days of winter.

No matter whether you choose to go with a short, medium length or long hair style, you need to make sure that you take ownership of the final results. Add some color to your hair style and maximize the new look by changing the way you style it each day.

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