Easy Hairstyles for New Moms – Oklahoma City Salons

After the birth of a baby, women don’t tend to have a lot of time to spend fixing their hair. But though the time that’s available for primping may be diminished, new mothers still like to feel like they look their best. That’s why it’s important for new mothers to have a hair cut that’s easy to style but still sexy and versatile. There are a number of options for new moms or moms-to-be. Finding the right hair style for you can make your life easier and help you feel like you look your best even when crunched for time.

Actress Louise Brooks in 1927, wearing bobbed ...
Actress Louise Brooks in 1927, wearing bobbed hair under a cloche hat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Easy hair styles aren’t always short. Sometimes, it makes sense to keep some length to your hair to keep things simple. The bob is always a good choice for new moms because it’s a versatile do that allows women to keep some length and enjoy some flexibility in the way they style their hair each day. There are a lot of different ways to do a bob too! A bob can be cut at one length or with several different layers to give it more body. Some women opt to have bangs with their bob, but you’ll want to talk with your stylist about this. How your bob is shaped and where the layers are cut will depend a lot on your face shape and the texture of your hair.

Of course, a pixie cut can be a good choice for ladies who are willing to go very short with their hair. Pixies can be surprisingly versatile, depending on how you get it cut and shaped. A short hair style can definitely shave some time off your early morning beauty routine and pixie cuts can be incredibly sexy. By cutting your hair really short, you won’t have to worry about it being in your way with the new baby. Some pixie cuts grow out with more grace and ease than others, so talk with your stylist if you plan to slowly grow your hair out after you get this initial cut. Pixie cuts are definitely “in” right now so, as a new mom, you can look very trendy with this style.

Long hair with the right texture can be easy for new moms as well as long you can do an upsweep with your hair to keep it out of the way during the day. It isn’t necessary to chop off all your hair when you have a new baby, but sometimes a shorter style can make your life easier. For women who are able to just blow-dry their hair and then pull it back or pin it up, it may be best to keep the extra length.

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