Chic Hairstyles For The 2016 Bridesmaid

Wedding season is in full swing, now; with that being said, we all know that weddings are all about the bride, but what about the bridesmaids? They still need to look good too, right?

braids photo
Photo by Wicker Paradise

If you’re scheduled to accompany one of your girlfriends to the alter this summer, remember that looking lovely on the bride’s big day is one of the most important things you can do for her—all those guests, all those pictures!

So, when you’re choosing the hairstyle for your best friend’s wedding, it’s important to remember that the guys should notice your tresses, but not enough to take the attention away from the bride’s spectacular locks.

Let’s take a 2015-peek at some celebrated bridesmaid hairstyles that will have you standing in style next to your girlfriend when she says, “I Do.”

Side Swept

Side swept curls are effortless to execute, but they are also very effective because the bridesmaid attaches a touch of old-Hollywood glamour to the party. So, if the wave-look is it for you, whether it’s traditional or lax, just be sure to keep them elegant by sweeping the curls to the side. The side swept also matches a one-shoulder dress perfectly.

Milkmaid Updo

Your stylist can create this discrete updo by forming two milkmaid braids, teasing the hair, and then adding a few bobby pins to keep the style in shape all day long. You can also go “risqué” by loosening a few tendrils around the face and by adding a flower behind the ear.

Ponytail Twist

Instead of going for the bun think—bundle. Bridesmaids late for the wedding can make a fast ponytail twist by stuffing the tail end into the hair closest to the neck; then comes the bobby-pins, the tuck-in, and the hairspray. This chic ‘do is much easier than it looks, and it’s certainly less complicated than it sounds.

Fancy Bun

Girls with medium-length hair, relax! A sophisticated fancy bun will make everyone at the party think that you’ve got more length, and you won’t have to worry about sections sticking out everywhere, which usually accompanies tight braids. Just have your pro-stylist twirl tiny strands of your hair around the bun, and the frizz will simply disappear.

Half Up and Half Down

Half up-half down hair is a versatile look that works for both formal and casual dresses. This style is one of the elegant options for bridesmaids’ hair; and it will complement the reception too because hair is kept off the face without losing its graceful and romantic feel.


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