The Best Celebrity Haircuts For Women Over Thirty

Leaving your twenties behind may mean that dying your hair purple might be out of the question, but it doesn’t imply that you must flash a mom-bob around town.

Let’s have a look at nine pop-haircuts that prove ultramodern style is still feasible for a girl well into her thirties.

jessica alba photo
Photo by Gage Skidmore

The Shoulder-Sweeping Layers

Jessica Alba is all grown up now, and so are her modern, shoulder-sweeping layers, which we saw her flaunting in most of her films after giving birth to her daughter, Haven. This mid-length cut owns chin-length layers that almost style themselves.

The Flimsy Bangs

Fem layer-cuts are timeless, which is why Penelope Cruz’s trademark flimsy bangs are popular among professional women over thirty. Some say that this look just screams “90s.” Still, as long as your stylist adds enough weight to the bangs to form a softer face framing impact, your flimsy bangs will be ready for 2016 prime time.

The Swept-Back Bob

If your stylist can manage to take a bit off the length, and at the same time, add a tad of a Cameron Diaz vibe, what you’ll most likely own when leaving the chair is a timeless, swept-back bob, which we all know that Cameron has sported well into her forties.

The Dull Bob

Reese Witherspoon loves her dull bob, which is a sharp cut that lengthens the neck line. This bob works best on heart-shaped countenances, and the cut also naturally compliments women with oval faces too.

The Face-Framing Lob

A girl can still go for a lob without it looking too “mommy” by choosing a stylist who knows a lot about face-framing. This mature woman cut works on practically any texture; but it looks especially good on hair with natural waves or curls.

The Bouncy Curls

Speaking of waves, ladies with natural swirls may want to think about showing off some Angelina Jolie bouncy curls around town. Just remember to ask you stylist for a cut with a faint, off-center part that can give your “God-given” curls plenty of movement.

The Sweeping Pixie

A lot of women over thirty think of actress Anne Hathaway when talking about a sweeping pixie; however, not all pixies are created equal. To go modern, ask your stylist to frame layers that are hardly visible. This will keep the pixie from poofing out in humid conditions.

The Tight Crop

Is short hair on the horizon for you? It’s all about a tight crop this season. This cut is both petite and sincere. Kyle Jenner managed to succeed in sporting short crop facade at last year’s NYFW by simply pulling back her undersized tresses into an effortless ponytail.


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