What You Can Do If You Don’t Have Time to Wash Your Hair

Many clients ask us for solutions on how to keep their styles looking great on the days they skip their shampoo. So, we thought that we would shout out some pro-stylist secrets on how to keep long-term gorgeousness in between the washes.

Add waves to fine hair.

great hair photo
Photo by The Urban Scot

When fine hair is left alone, it just seems to go limp. Further, washing thin hair every other day, and curling it for fullness can take hours on end. For fine hair, we suggest adding a bit of wave on those non-wash days to create body and to set the hair in place throughout the week. Doing this will also give you some extra mileage out of your style, which will require a bit less washing.

Women can simply add wave by sleeping in rollers. However, a more efficient way to create texture is by applying a volumizing spray over damp hair during wash days– just add the product and shake the locks with your fingers as you blow-dry, while pulling up the roots for some extra lift.

Once the hair is dry, wrap large sections around a small curling iron. After the waves cooled, brush them with the head upside down, and spray dry shampoo on the underside to keep the locks from falling flat. The process is really easy to do, and the volume will hold fine hair for almost three days.

Keep the curls bouncy.

Girls with curls who only wash their hair once or twice a week, may find themselves twisting their damp curls with their fingers for a couple of hours in order to keep them alive until the next wash cycle. An alternative to the finger twisting is just to leave those curls alone, and to apply a dollop of leave-in conditioner with a drop of de-frizzing gel to the swirls.

Spread the homemade formula throughout damp curls to add some long-term cling Next, blow-dry the hair for only a few minutes with a diffuser; then, let the swirls dry naturally–you can even go to sleep on damp curls, and you’ll find them in their natural place when you wake up.

Finally, once the hair is dry, use a medium curling iron on the outer swrils and on the face-framing strands. If the curls start to droop in between washes, just shake the roots to wake them up again.

Add shape to thicker hair.

If you own a mane with texture between straight and wavy, you may find that it takes forever to blow dry it straight between washes. Instead trying to go completely neat in between washes, attempt to balance everything out by adding a little shape.

Do this by working in a bit of styling cream through thick, damp hair and quickly blow-drying the locks, afterwards. You can also apply a flat iron from the midsection down, while rotating your wrist to create a small wave; the heat from the iron will also help prevent frizz. Finally, on the no-shampoo days, dab some styling cream on the ends for some extra contour. What you’ll find after performing this procedure is that your frizz-free shape will last for at least four full days without needing to wash or to add more products to keep the style in place.

Freshen up your bangs.

Bangs can get greasy if one goes for more than a full day without a wash. The trick with bangs is not to put any styling products on them; instead, apply a blow-dryer on low speed during wash days; and if your bangs look oily during the week, forget about the complete wash. Just mix a little water with a drop of dry shampoo and rub it through the fringe. Rinse and repeat a few times, followed by a quick, blow-dry and finger-combing. Using dry shampoo on your bangs will add two to three days between full washings.

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