How to Look Great By Going Natural

Let’s look at the hair type and texture that you were born with and pass on some self-styling advice that will inspire you to leave everything just as it is.

natural hair photoPetite Lock Personality

Short hair can own its own character, but it can also be hard to tame. We all know that short locks can get crazy, which is why most women with petite tresses learn to manage their hair at a young age by applying tons of hair product and tools; our advice to you is–let the locks run wild!

Remember that going short-hair-natural is gorgeous and that washing with conditioner instead of shampoo is the cure-all for exceptionally-dry, petite hair textures. Here, you should take a handful of conditioner and really massage it in, then apply a wide-tooth comb before rinsing. A good towel-dry on short hair with your head upside down will create some extra bounce too. Finally, rake in some leave-in conditioner on the damp hair, and every so often, apply an over-the-counter clarifying treatment to scrub the scalp and to remove product buildup.

Fine Hair Difficulties

Hair texture may take a turn when a woman reaches her 30’s, especially in those with fine hair. This happens because locks usually become thinner with age, which nudges some people to start using flat-irons to add more volume. It is true that this procedure can’t create a fuller effect, but flat irons on thin hair will absolutely kill the shine, which makes the overall style look thinner.

Try to lay off the hot tools and unplug the hair dryer, if you own fine hair. Here, air-drying is the way to go, which can take hours; so our advice is to toss those tresses up in a bun while there’re wet, and then sleep on it, or take them down at the end of the day. You’ll discover that doing this will add a lot of body and wave to some shinier locks. And as the shine returns, find some lightweight, hydrating product that comes with a rinse treatment to boost the shine even more. A good rule of thumb to follow is the less you try to make your thin hair look perfect, the healthier and fuller it will get; so embrace your texture with much; less tedious pride.

natural hair photoGirls With Curls

Some girls with curls always seem to want to keep their hair straight. While this may work for some, we suggest that you try falling in love with your natural curls. A lot of women find that they just don’t look themselves with smooth hair. Others discover that they really dislike spending hours in front of the mirror ironing their locks straight.

Our advice is to leave wet curls alone, and they’ll dry fast and become well-defined, without frizz. If you feel the urge to mess with your curls, you can detangle them before rinsing out the conditioner, but that should be it. Remember that natural curly hair textures just love ponytails and braids, of which can be removed at the end of the day for wavier locks. Curls are unique and beautiful–so why would you want to go straight?

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