Five Professional Hair Hacks For Shinier Locks

Between sand, sunshine, and the extra heat, your hair is going to need extra care between salon visits. Here are five ways to protect your hair from the summer sun and make your salon style last.

Hack Formula: Aspirin + Shampoo = Shine

natural hair photo
Photo by iulia.pironea

Did you know that the acidic compounds in aspirin help demolish dead skin cells and disintegrate product buildup on your scalp? Dandruff is a culprit in the manufacturing of dry and dull hair; crushing two aspirin pills and adding it to a goop of regular shampoo aspirin before sudsing up will kill dandruff and will lead to a more flake-free, shiny ‘do. Just remember to apply the solution only two or three times each month; any more than this may strip the hair of its natural lubricating oils.

Use dryer sheets to control the frizz.

Dryer sheets remove static-cling from your clothes, so, why can’t they do the same for your hair? The waxes and anti-static agents found in over-the-counter sheets, like Bounce, can tame the frizz and those fly-a-way strands, contributing to a more sleek and glossy allure. Simply pass the sheet gently over dry hair to pacify those frizzy locks, which stand in the way of achieving a smoother shine.

Rinse with vinegar to smooth the tresses.

Vinegar works wonders for the hair because the super-acidity in it balances your hair’s innate pH levels. This equilibrium functions to break down residue and detangles hair near the cuticle. Don’t worry; the smell will not stay around for very long, and the rinse will cost you pennies. The paramount vinegar rinse application contains one part apple cider vinegar and one part water. This rinse should be applied to the hair immediately after shampooing–let it sit for a four-to-five minutes before rinsing with water—no conditioner needed!

Oil is your friend.

Put away as much oil as you can–by eating it, using it as a conditioner, or spraying it on lightly for an immediate shine. Oil consumption infuses the hair with direct moisture, and it hides and heals split ends while recovering long-term potency and silkiness inside the locks. Coconut oil is best used as a mask, of which can be applied directly on scalp and smoothed throughout the ends. Subsequently, leave the mask on overnight before washing out the oil. Lightweight oils like argan, olive, or almond oil can also work too.

Go easy on the product.

Most of us are tempted to douse lackluster hair heavily with shine spray or serum polish. This is ok, but don’t overdo it. Here, the trick is to make sure that the product does not touch the scalp–always apply with your hands for better control. If it’s a spray, spritz the solution onto your fingers, and then comb through gently to avoid the roots and to focus only on the ends.

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