Autumn NYC Color Trends For Trendsetters

While preparing for our autumn rush, we’ve been tracking all the dazzling hair tones walking out of NYC’s apex toning points; and what we found are mixes of diverse and cool hues outing in the city’s most trendsetting hangouts.

Normally, autumn color trends hinge on migration techniques — going from sun kissed to a one-color blonde or moving from highlights to balayage.

However, this fall is all about unearthing a modern, well-mixed color. Think of a cool-girl, yellow-red blond with golden highlights and blends of warm cafe barbs lined with plush caramel ends, and you’ll be on the right track.

Inspiring? Well, here’s another perk, your stylist can easy create your tonal makeover for the fall without having to do a complete color overhaul.

So, ya’ wanna know what’s new in East Coast haircolor trends — it’s all about mixed tones…..


red hair photoWhat To Ask For: A spacious copper-crimson tone along with intense cherry and orange undertones.

This is an intense, bold red color that needs some careful blending and correct tonal disparity to make it look calm, light, and contemporary.

Likewise, the roots are kept slightly darker for a more innate and reasonable grow-out. This means your colorist will place a color on your roots that closely matches your natural shade.

Sundry Metals

What To Ask For: Some unruffled highlights over your natural color.

This color trend is more the the younger crowd. A metal sundry owns high-contrast and mostly resembles surfer hair.

Your colorist will piece together highlights of light-cool, silvery tones, after adding a hair perfector product to the mane. This process will help match your natural color with the metallic highlights for an ideal ombré grow out.

Bright Bronze

What To Ask For: A tepid, russet base with tanned-caramel ends.

This hue is a rich brown color with a tad of bronze dazzle in the mix. Here, think of a light-bronze base tone with balayage on the ends.

Bright bronze is also low maintenance; one can go without needing a highlight touch-up for at least six weeks after their initial appointment. Even after two months, changes in an untouched mane’s color are hardly noticeable.

Platinum Ice

What To Ask For: A sub-zero, pallid blond without ash.

Today’s strong platinum is a simple icy color, and the secret to going mainstream on this hue is to know that no ashy undertones are allowed.

After leaving the chair, remember that chlorine products or pool water on the hair is a big “no-no,” which means that you might have to invest in a water filter for washing and conditioning at home.

Upkeep will depend on grow out; one should plan for monthly “root” touch-ups when sporting platinum ice, since letting the mane grow without maintenance may result the in locks acquiring a yellowish hue.

For hair color in Oklahoma City with low ammonia and low fade, call me (Anastasia) for an appointment.