Tell Me — What Kind Of Curls Are In This Season?

This week, let’s talk waves.

There seems to be a movement out there where women are swinging their focus away from the basic swirly, choppy-layered lob to a wavier, flexible cut and style that works on every hair texture and type.

Hence, “loose-curl-waves” are quickly turning into the latest trendsetting thing in aesthetics for most lifestyles.

curly hair photoSo, what can these waves do for me?

Great question; loose-curl-waves bring a resourceful guise that borders along at-home beach waves and standard S-waves.

Likewise, women can totally tailor their cut to their liking with regards to how messed up the waves will appear to onlookers.

With this versatility, wave owners can go like modish, rock-‘n’-roll on the weekend, and on Sunday, easily deconstruct their loose-curl-waves into a contemporary, finger-twist swirl style that would be completely acceptable in any work environment.

How will my stylist pull them off?

Basically, your stylist performs this modern-chic look by applying a variety of hot tools to lob hair.

Here, the pro-secret is to apply a semi-hot curling iron in a way that one usually takes a waving or crimping iron to the locks. Two-inch tress sections need to be lightly clamped in alternating directions, as the iron moves down in length, and the ends must form go-to curls before shaking them up.

Hence, this technique requires some professional hands to do the work because one must figure out the heat, time, and tension that will work correctly with your texture and how to apply the right amount of pressure on the tresses to ensure that the waves do not go too deep into S-wave mode.

Further, if comprehensive eye-candy waves are your thing, your stylist will perform an alternating barrel modus operandi to achieve some exploding loose curls that will fall down with a gracious bounce.

Are there any hitches to owning these waves?

Not really; however, there is one stipulation to owning loose-curl-waves — you must smooth-out your hair, first.

Now, smoothing really depends on texture.

Some people can head right into loose-curl processing after a simple blow dry; however, others may require a bit of chemical smoothing, beforehand, if they own very tight swirls.

Further, you may need to invest in some professional hair product to maintain those loose-curl-waves at home. Product selection will also depend on your hair’s texture.

Some locks may require dabbing oil on the ends to keep everything bouncy. Other manes may need a bit of texturizer or dry hairspray to keep the edgy look alive.

Be sure to ask your stylist about maintenance products before your appointment ends so that your new loose-curl-waves will last at least until after the holidays.

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