Dreamy Shag Cuts For The Holidays

Our last post summarized NYC’s fab-color schemes for the fall; so, let’s keep going on this idea, and dig into NYC’s most modish cuts for autumn.

Fall hair trends have arrived early this season, and while you may find a lot of rounded cuts, uneven bobs, and undersized pixies out there, the majority of what we’re seeing leaving the City’s most posh salons has been heavily influenced by the shag.

Remember, a shag cut is a hairstyle that’s layered and feathered at the top and sides at random lengths. It forms a full crown and thins-out around the edges.

Today, there are tons of shag options to choose from that work just as well on people as they do on pop stars, and the good news is, the new shag also nurtures to hair texture of any kind.

Sound good? Let’s check out some rad NYC-shags, and discover if one of them could work for you…

Wispy-Bang Shag

trendy hair photo
Photo by gcoldironjr2003

This style is called the coolest cut in NYC by the trendsetters.  It’s very sexy and rock-and-roll at the same time.

The theme is simple–a layered shag with flyaway bangs that are conical and bulky on the sides.

Loose curls or straight or wavy hair texture will energize this style’s allure, that begins by adding some salt spray product to the locks to bring out the mane’s “natural texture” before the haircut.

Mid-Length Shag: Uneven Layers

Women love this versatile mid-length cut just because it’s cool, this shag will work for any hair texture, as long as your stylist cuts the layers longer on the side and keeps the locks at chest level.

Doing so will flaunt your hair’s natural texture, giving it a loosely-fallen, air-dry look with some soft choppy layers.

Textured Shag: Petite-Dull Bangs

Do you want some drama in your look without some serious chopping? — well then, seriously consider this trendy mod.

The cut creates more of an edge by going with layers, but disrupting the look with some petite-blunt baby bangs, which MUST be cut absolutely straight (not tapered) to keep the style clean and contemporary.

Here, your stylist will air-dry the locks and wrap-dry the fringe to guarantee some voluptuous bangs that fall straight down.

Short Shag: Smoothed layers

Women with curly hair are not left out, here. This shag cut will add some bounce to your swirls style simply by performing a soft chop to form a bob with rounded layers.

A face-framing fringe will usually accompany the short shag, as well, which will structure the outside curls into perfect no-frizz form.

Square Shag: Layered Bob

Let’s stay in the wavy lane, and talk about the square shag, which works for every type of curl.

This cut forms a completely-balanced shape by adding a layered bob to the quadrangle mix and leaving a few random stands to create a light fringe.

Your stylist should cut up into the bangs, and NOT straight across, so that the fringe run unpretentiously with the rest of the hair.

Seberg-Pixie Shag

This is a “contemporary-woman” chop for the daring person who avoids the long hair look. A Seberg pixie broadcasts both your face and skin tone, and brings some feminine-masculinity into your overall look.

After leaving the chair, you’ll also want to grab some salon-style, light wax or pomade to upkeep the hair’s separation and lock slicing at home.

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