Anime Hair – You can Look Like Your Character

The popular genre known as Anime has its roots in the early 20th century. Stylized animations became popular in Japan with the advent of comics on reels. Japanese artists broke away from mainstream Western influences and developed a style of their own. This style became popular in the mid 20th century with animators in China and Japan, however anime outside of Japan is known primarily as cartoons as opposed to anime. Today’s popular anime productions capture the imaginations of the young and old alike.

marimoon versão anime/mangá
Image by marimoon via Flickr

A whole subculture of anime dress and hairstyle based on the shows Yamato and Gundam have taken hold in Japan. Hairstyles inspired by anime characters are worn by young women and men alike. Bright color and flowing locks are characteristic of anime inspired hairstyles. The anime influence can be felt in the Western world with the popularity of such shows as the The Powder Puff Girls, Digimon, Pokemon and Teen Titans. While these shows are not considered anime, the anime influence can be seen in the characters and plots.

In Japan teenage girls take their school uniforms to new levels of fashion after hours. Short shirts atop even shorter skirts complete with high heels and fishnet stockings have given rise to a trend called Kogal. Young Japanese girls gather in the Shibuya district to shop and compare styles. Young girls as far removed as Singapore, Taiwan and even the heartland of America emulate their Japanese peers. One of the most popular ways to show your enthusiasm for the anime movement is through your hair.

Anime characters typically sport short choppy layers that are mixed with long locks. The look is windblown and full of movement. Young girls color their hair hot pink, bright yellow, shocking orange and even green or blue. Color is vibrant and bold much like their favorite character. Hair clips and barrettes also give anime styles personalization and help to maintain the stylized angles and movement so common in this style. Guy’s styles are not as long but are shaped into angles and color is an important factor for them as well. Some male anime characters have very long luxurious hairstyles. They are reminiscent of the illustrated vampire novels popular with American teenagers.

Style and fashion are at the forefront in the anime lifestyle. Fantasy and reality mix in unusual combinations and textures. There are many anime events throughout America. You can see anime fashion and hair styles at the upcoming DrakeCon 2010 slated to be held at the Embassy Suites Northwest Arkansas in Rogers, AR on February 5th and 6th. DrakeCon 2010 is reported to be the largest anime and gaming event in Arkansas. Fans of anime will show up outfitted in the best dress and hairstyles. No doubt hair will be bold in color and flowing in length.

Followers of anime take the genre very seriously, but they have a light hearted take on life. Many of them enjoy the fantasy aspect of the genre and take pride in their elaborate hairstyles and dress. Anime has been around since the start of the 20th century and if its current popularity is any indication, it will be around for quite a while longer. So grab your Hello Kitty accessories and have some fun!