Hair Extensions & Straightening

Natural looking sew-in extensions, fusion extensions, locking extensions, thermal reconditioning, Japanese straightening, Magic Straight.  Anastasia uses smaller extension braids for natural looking hair extensions. Proper extensions are sewn tightly, so you have the freedom to wear a pony tail or wash your hair without worry. Anastasia uses a more thorough straightening process (no rushing through hair sections), with premium thermal reconditioning products, so hair comes out straighter, minimizing damage, lasts longer, with more shine, and is easier to style.

Hair Extensions: See [examples].

  • track extensions (glue): least expensive, last the least amount of time (e.g. 1-2weeks) – lowest value – available locally
  • sewn extensions: only slightly more expensive, can last approximately 2months with proper care – available locally
  • locking extensions (best value): moderate expense, but can last approximately 3-4months with proper care (most bang for the buck) – adjustable, re-usable (saves even more money in the long run), must be ordered
  • fusion extensions: expensive, can last 5-6months with proper care, must be ordered

Hair Straightening: See [examples].

  • curl relaxer: only relaxes curls – does not produce stick straight hair, inexpensive, can last 1-3 months based entirely on individual hair and proper care (3 months would be exceptional)
  • permanent straightening (thermal reconditioning): produces long-lasting, stick-straight hair, can last 6months with proper care. Note: choice of straightening products by stylists varies widely. Many of them produce hair damage, harmful fumes, can burn hair if improperly used (e.g. without proper protective conditioners), and last only a fraction of the time. Anastasia utilizes the highest quality products with great care and experience – it is not advisable to choose this process casually from an inexperienced stylist, especially if they’re price-cutting (they’ll have to cut corners on the process to make up for it). Your hair is worth doing this right.

Lots of people will say, “yes, I do extensions”. Anyone can do them, but not everyone can do them correctly. Poorly or hastily installed extensions won’t last long and won’t put up with much wear. And then, for the sake of saving just a few dollars,  or skimping on the process, the extensions are out in weeks instead of months.

The difference between stylists offering the “same” service can be amazing. Your stylist should be meticulous about extensions, not rushed. Properly done extensions are labor intensive, so the initial cost can be higher for better quality work. You actually want to worry when the price is too cheap to make it worth a professional’s time, or when someone says you’ll be done in an hour. You want to look like a star, not a porcupine. And hair falling off at a party isn’t fun.

Properly, a (free) consultation is the ideal starting place for professional extensions done right. You’ll learn a lot about whether it’s fluff or substance by making and keeping that simple appointment. See what the stylist has to say about your hair in particular. Extensions aren’t stapled to your head like assembly line items – there’s a certain amount of the process that is unique to your head of hair – you should be able to spot during the consultation if it’s an assembly line or you’re in the right place.

  • Additional Styling Processes: Permanent waves, weaves, micro-braiding, pin curling, roller sets.
  • Treatments: Asian Straightening, Magic Straight, Texturizing, Brazilian Keratin.
  • Health: Scalp treatment, deep conditioning.
  • Consultation: Product and recommendations. Style recommendations for facial type and skin tone.

If you’re near the Oklahoma City area and would like to schedule a free consultation with Anastasia, call 405-889-0404.



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