Trendy Hair – Look What the Catwalk Dragged In

Fashion is in high gear and varied as ever in 2010. Models strut their stuff up and down runways adorned in the latest avant garde fashions. Their hair runs the gamut from slick and sleek to high and teased almost beyond its limits. Whatever your style, today’s designers have the vision and creativity to take it to the next level.

Floral Fishnet Hair Accessorie FFX © florbela'...
Image by FFX © florbelas fotographix via Flickr

Lisa Muscrat from e Salon in New South Wales, Australia created unique styles that feature strong lines and bold colors. A classic box bob is transformed with a severe blunt cut and shocking pale blonde yellow. Hair is given volume and flairs out from the crown. Crimps in small sections add to the texture and interest. Other styles in Muscrat’s collection include a style she calls “Fuzz”. Hair is set on small pincurls and then brushed out for volume and styled. Her inspiration for this style was a curly fur coat. The 70’s wedge is redefined with a sweeping band and asymmetrical lines. Classic finger waves are given a modern twist with a style she calls Moving Motion. To achieve this looks, Muscrat used Bed Head, Runway and S Factor styling products.

Take Ten styling group out of Chicago reinvents the 20’s with their Time Warp collection of hair styles. Short bobs, finger waves and long curly styles are given a modern edge with new angles and styling techniques. Hair is golden blonde, deep auburn and mahogany brown. This collection evokes the carefree attitude that ran throughout the roaring 20’s.

Australia’s Leah White gives us more of an industrial feel in her new collection, Electromotive. Featured in her 2010 hair collection is an homage to the pop singer Grace Jones. Hair stands straight up at attention with sheared sides. For men a faux hawk has smooth edged sides and gel gives the center lift and texture. For the style she named Aqua Electro, a smooth full shape reminiscent of a mushroom ends in fringy textured wisps that grace the shoulders. White’s version of the classic bob has been uplifted with texture and angles. Hair is cut in a classic bob and given volume to exaggerated to a wide width.

One of the most trendy and daring collections to surface this year comes from Redken artist, Tracy Guthrie. She drew her inspiration from the movement of fire and smoke. Model’s hair is bleached and drawn up to resemble smoke rising from smoldering embers. Her collection is in fact called, Smolder. The effect is very ethereal and beautiful. Spark features medium length hair set on foam rollers and then brushed forward to give it the appearance of a flame in an updraft. The illusion of a glowing fire in the style called Billow is achieved with various sizes of curling irons all around the head. Hair is then crafted into what can only be described as a campfire atop the model’s head.

As you can see, 2010 hair is as varied and eclectic as the fashions the models wear. Artists are pushing the limits of hair and gravity. Colors are bold or pale with just a blush of color. Highlights and lowlights give hair depth and a spark of color. While you might not want to wear these styles everyday, fashion is about fun and looking your best. Whether you are shooting a music video, starring in your own movie or just want to look like you are this year’s trend hair will make you look like a star.