Age-Defying Hair for Women Over 50

One of the keys to maintaining a look of youthful radiance is embracing your age with confidence. It’s true that 30-somethings may be able to get away with certain hair styles that would look inappropriate on a 40-something woman. As you move into the 50-something age bracket, it’s important to know what styles will flatter you as well. Getting a hair cut that would look good on a teenage girl isn’t a good approach for an older woman who is hoping to look alive and youthful. Rather, your hair style should demonstrate confidence in yourself at any age and not an attempt to cover anything up. When it comes to hair, you need to work with your age, and not against it.

Hairstyle tryout 2
Hairstyle tryout 2 (Photo credit: nycgeo)

Every woman is different and sometimes, the hair style and color that has worked for many years will continue to work for you, with a few minor updates. Whereas bright red hair color may have looked awesome in your younger years, a more subtle hair color that will cover gray while flattering your complexion would be ideal. Though it’s still entirely acceptable to express yourself through your hair as an older woman, it’s important to take care of your hair and make sure the color will look good with your skin tone and effectively cover the gray. It’s best to visit your stylist to find out what colors are fashionable for 50-somethings and which of them would look best on you.

A hair style that has flattered your face for decades may need some minor changes in order to continue to look good into your fifties. Talk with your stylist about how your current hair cut can be altered to give you a more youthful appearance. Usually, long, straight hair without layers is off-limits for over 50’s women, but with layering, long hair can still yield an attractive look. Hair that is shoulder-length may be a better choice for women who don’t want to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror each day. A few shorter layers in shoulder-length hair can finish off the look by highlighting your best features.

Shorter hair styles that frame the face are also a good choice. Women in their 50’s can soften their features through hair styles that include bangs and fringes around the face. Shorter, age-appropriate hair cuts that frame the face but still promote a voluminous look are hip and yet they don’t give off the vibe that the woman is trying to look younger than she is. Choosing a softer, less bold hair color along with a cut that is feminine and not too edgy appeals to most middle-aged women and this can make all the difference in the final results. A hair style that exudes confidence in your individuality is always the best choice, no matter what your age.