The Ideal 40-Something Hair Cut

As the years go by, the hair styles that flatter us change. Women who hope to move with the times and yet capture a style that will flatter them as individuals must heed certain hair-related creeds in order to look their best. There is no “perfect” hair cut for a 40-something woman, but rather many that will flatter a middle-aged face. There are however, hair styles that are definitely a no-no, for women who are hoping to keep their youthfulness intact for as long as possible

hairstyle à la Tence Mena
hairstyle à la Tence Mena (Photo credit: S@veOurSm:)e)

Most women who are at or near 40 or in their forties are hoping to use their hair to turn back the clock or at least look their age (and not older). That means that long hair cut to all one length might be a bad idea. Though it isn’t entirely against the rules for middle-aged women to sport longer locks, it’s important for the hair to be layered in such a way as to flatter the face. Long hair that is all one length can drag the face down, making it look longer and tired (and therefore older). But long hair that’s been appropriately layered can provide the appearance of playfulness and vitality. Long hair, after all, is sexy, even on women in their 40’s, but keeping those layers trimmed can keep those locks from looking drab and unkempt.

In some cases, it may be wise to go with a cut of mid-length rather than try to work with long hair and layers. A strategically shaped hair style that has been cut to frame the face creates a softening effect that tones down the look of wrinkles and the beginning signs of aging. A hair cut of about shoulder length offers women a lot of options in terms of hair styles that they can wear and the look is sexy as well as sophisticated. Shoulder length hair with some layers to bring out a woman’s best features is a cut that can flatter any woman no matter what texture of hair she has or the shape of her face.

If you really love your current hair style and you don’t want a radical change, you can seek out a hair stylist who knows a thing or two about working with your personal bone structure, the texture of your hair, and how much time you’re willing to spend styling your hair each day. A knowledgeable stylist will be able to recommend updates on your current style that will help you maintain your youthfulness without going too far out on a limb. A slight change can make all the difference in the world to women over 40 who want to continue looking young for many years to come.