A New Hairstyle May Keep You Employed

While looking great is always a good idea, right now it may be a better idea than ever. With the economy in the worst shape it’s ever been in, more and more people are losing or are at risk of losing their jobs.

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Image by slushpup via Flickr

Having an attractive, professional appearance can give your employer one extra reason to keep you on board, or can even seal the deal in landing you a new job. Doubt it? Then why do  you get a trim for a job interview, and important presentation, etc? Being extra-pleasant in appearance counts for something, and we all know it.

Looking your best has never been more important. In some workplaces, the deciding factor on whether you get laid-off or not may very well be how professional you seem to be – overall – regardless of whether it’s tangible. As long as you work in an environment with others, you are under the watchful eye of your employer who may be looking for someone or something to cut to make up for company losses. Cut something of your own to give yourself an edge over your coworkers: your hair. While  you’re at it, consider switching from the same boring style to one that’s updated, and flatters your facial features, compliments your skin tone, and correctly matches your face shape.

If you have been one of the thousands of unfortunate people to lose their jobs, then there is no doubt that looking your best is in your best interest. You may have a impressive credentials and a fantastic job record, but employers are looking at more than just resumes to determine whether you’re going to give them the best results for their money or not. A prospective employee who looks like a million bucks conveys to the world that they are hard workers and are willing to put forth the effort they need to succeed.

If you go to a job interview with decent credentials and looking like the next new CEO of the company, you’re much more likely to get the job than if you showed up with above and beyond credentials, but your appearance says “average” – “doesn’t pay attention to details” – “not particularly interested in first impressions”. You’re going to need to use every reasonable asset you have to land yourself a new job in these tough times, and a fantastic hairstyle may be just the trick you need.

Whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle or keep or find a new job, there is a custom hairstyle out there for you. Call Anastasia for a consultation or appointment and we can find the hairstyle that really will make you look like a million bucks. You can’t afford to lose your job or stay unemployed, but you can’t afford not to invest in a new style that can get you where you want to be.
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