Don’t Let The Fate of Your Hair Rest on A Box!

Using at home hair coloring products is often more damaging to your hair than you know. Do it yourself hair color kits use chemicals like ammonia that are more than strong enough to color your hair, but also leave it dry and damaged.

Girl with purplr hair.
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Because of the wide array of techniques and products professional hairstylists use to color your hair, going to a salon to get your hair colored is far less damaging than doing it on your own.

At home coloring kits provide you a picture on the box which represents the color the dye is supposed to change your hair to. The chemicals in the box are strong enough to get your hair to the desired color as long as your hair isn’t too far off from it in the first place — from dirty blonde to auburn, for example. But consumer hair coloring products remove all of the moisture and protein from your hair, often making it look worse than it was before, just a different color of worse.

Besides the damage that home coloring does to your hair, you will also probably not get the exact color you wanted. Consumer products are not meant to dye to a color that is far different from your natural hair color. If your natural color is light blonde and you want to dye your hair to a dark brown or black, it is going to take more than one dye job to get to the color you want. Multiple applications of strong hair dye in a short period can damage your hair to an extent that not even deep conditioning and protein treatments can save.

A professional hair stylist will decide on the perfect combination of dyes for your hair, to get it just the way you want it. Professional products are not as strong as the products you get at the store, and mixing them or having multiple applications will not damage your hair anywhere near the extent that a do-it-yourself coloring kit will. If you want your hair to turn out to be the exact color you’re looking for with the minimum amount of damage possible, especially over time, then it is best to have a professional take care of your hair coloring needs.

Don’t let the health of your hair rest on a coloring kit in a box. If you would like to have a fresh new color for your hair and still have it as healthy as it was before you dyed it, Anastasia can help. Call to schedule a consultation, and we can work out a hair color that is perfect for you and discuss how we can keep it looking fabulous even after it’s dyed. A woman’s most important asset to her beauty is her hair and, if it’s unhealthy and dry, then it becomes more of a hindrance than an asset.