Men Are Turning to Hairstylists to Break Free from The Mold

There is an increased interest among men to look their best, and some barbershops just do not offer the style selections that salons provide.Men are increasingly turning to hairstylists instead of the barbershops they’ve traditionally frequented. The days where it was taboo for a man to care about his hair enough to walk into a salon are over.

The Barber Hairstyle Guide
Image by Quasimondo via Flickr

There are a lot of talented barbers. But honestly, if you do not want your hair to be cut into a flat top or buzz cut, or one of the standard cookie cutter cuts, it may be best that you go to a professional hairstylist. Many barbers offer very little variety in their cuts, and are really more suitable as places of male bonding. You go to a barbershop to get the same ol’ haircut repeatedly, and a friendly atmosphere. A barber would even give you a mullet if you asked them to! There is little to no style feedback in barbershops, as that is simply not what they are catering to.

In general, you go to a barber for a trim up on your unchanging hairstyle and a smile, you go to a hairstylist for a stylish hairstyle and suggestions on what would look best on you. If you are a man who cares about his looks and staying in style, being adventurous, or just exploring your options, then going to a professional hairstylist is for you. You will get a style that you both love and works well with your facial features, skin tone, face shape, etc. Salons may not be for macho men, but they are for those out there who prefer being attractive over looking like every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

If you’re a man who wants his hairstyle to stand out in a crowd, or simply wants a new modern look, there is an option for you. Call Anastasia for a consultation or appointment and we can find the perfect hairstyle for you to break free from the shackles of blandness! You do not have to have a boring, uncreative hairstyle, just because it’s easy to find. A hairstyle that works with your facial features will make you look better than you ever imagined.