Six Quick Fixes for Handling Insane Summer Dryness

Summer vacation is the best time for eating with friends outdoors, getting off work early, and getting the perfect tan, but for you hair, summer also means more humidity and dryness. Combat summer frizz by trying these six quick fixes on your locks for a healthier, more beautiful you.

Get a breath of “freezer” air…

summer hair photoAt least nine times out of ten, hair that does not completely settle down after blow drying will cause some major frizz when stepping out into the summer sun. Your freezer keeps those meats and veggies fresh; so, why not let it do the same for the mane?

Quick Fix #1: Before leaving the house, stand in front of an open freezer door for at least five minutes, while turned around, and let the cool air “set-firm” your style.

Reinforce the tresses…

Did you know that gelatin proteins repair damaged hair? It especially fixes those split ends, which are prone to frizz when the temperature rises.

Quick Fix #2: Grab a packet of the unflavored gelatin, and add the powder to some warm water. After about twenty minutes, apply the solution to clean, wet hair. Leave the gelatin in for another twenty minutes; then, rinse it out, and follow it up with a strong dose of conditioner.

Form frizz resistant waves…

Create some humid resistant curls by not throwing away those Popsicle sticks after enjoying the refreshment on a hot summer day.

Quick Fix #3: Clean up the sticks; let them dry; then, loosely entwine the center portion of towel-dry hair around them. You can also fasten the entire mess with clips, if the sticks seem too loose. After the locks are completely dry, just free them, and kindly shape the curls by finger-combing and forming strands of attractive, natural waves.

Go for an oil treatment…

Dry hair naturally looks for moisture in the air, but a heavenly breeze is not the only way to keep those locks wet. Cooking oils can assist in preventing dried-up ends.

Quick Fix #4: Warm a little oil (olive-oil preferred) in the microwave to the point where it’s safe enough to touch, and dab it throughout the hair. After about forty minutes, shampoo and condition as usual–no more expensive masks!

Get sun-smart…

The sunlight does a lot of damage to hair, period; especially, at the beach,

Quick Fix #5: Apply a small amount of sunscreen over the tresses—it’s UV protection will stop hair breakage, and the added weight and lubrication will assist in keeping those loose strands in check, as well.

On those non-shampoo days…

Sometimes, we just do not have time to shampoo and style while on summer vacation.

Quick Fix #6: Dab some dry-shampoo where the hair meets the skin at the forehead, and let it absorb before working the product throughout the hair to absorb grease and grime.

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