Fabulous Hair Extension Trends For Summer 2016

With spring now long and gone and summer in the air, it’s time for a clean start. Summer is a great season to change the locks, and there is no better way to renovate your appearance than to take one of the innovative, summer 2016 hair extension crazes out for a test drive.

1. Pastel Color Explosions

The one-color-only game is out, since pasties tones went mainstream in 2016; they’re in every city in the US, and the base hues of this new vogue-look are ranging from daylight red to vibrant blues.

Today’s women yearn for their colors to explode for added performance and for setting up an element of surprise. The great news about pastel color hair extensions is that women can sport for a new trend, immediately, without the hassle of coloring their own hair.

Nowadays, rainbow-pallid makeovers literally just snap themselves into the existing locks, which now seem to be an “in vogue” passion for trend-setters of all ages to flaunt around town. Women can show off only one exciting color or add up to four hues for some extra glam.

2. Lighter and Brighter Blonde Locks

It seems blonde that has been in since the beginning of time, and it really doesn’t matter what season we’re taking about.

However, summer inspires most women to lighten up the mane every which way they can. The 2016 version of this mode gets awarded to the light-bright-blonde extension clip-on, which typically attaches to polished, light-colored tresses.

So, if you are blonde, and you don’t own some quality length or volume, this one-clip solution may be the way to go.

ombre hair photo
Photo by nan palmero

3. Pale Ombre

Ombre extensions started hitting salons across the nation in spring 2016, and since then, they’ve become a big hit. This hair trend is a fantastic but delicate approach to showing off a new hair look without appearing like you went through a full-blown transformation.

Pale ombre extensions can harmonize with any hair color, as long as they are blended properly. You should own a short mane if you want to flaunt pastel-ombre hair extensions.

However, If your hair is medium in length, your stylist can just tint the ends of the locks bleach-blonde before attaching these pale-neutral extensions.

4. Uneven Medium Bobs

Doesn’t it seem like celebrities in 2016 are sporting shoulder-length hair? They do look fabulous, but did you also know that most of these icons are just attaching extensions to their existing bobs? This technique produces the decisive and exciting eye-candy that the Paparazzi eats up.

The secret to owning a full bob, when you’re not blessed with flowing locks is–attach uneven, medium-length hair extensions to what you already have.

Adding a couple of foot long hair extensions is the answer for today’s women whose bobs did not thrive after leaving the chair. Your stylist can even perform a choppy cut, afterwards, to give your new mid-length locks a fresher look.

5. The Girl-Next-Door

Some women prefer an every-day style that looks both stunning and natural. This is where the ten-ounce hair extension comes into play, which can add up to two feet in length without looking heavy or voluminous.

Remember that the girl-next-door lightens up less than eighteen inches of hair that doesn’t come off as too glam-heavy or extra-luxurious.

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