Why Women Use Hair Extensions And How They Use Them

Let’s face it, hair is not just hair. Most of us appreciate the parts of ourselves that define who we are, and at the same time, we try to null out the other parts that we would seriously love to change.

Just think about your good hair days and how it inherently raises your self-esteem when you look in the mirror.

long hair photoHence, hairs define us, but some people unfortunately have to deal with the life-long struggle of getting their locks to look just right everyday.

Women born with fine and curly textures may find themselves abusing their manes by applying all sorts of relaxers and conditioners for straighter or more controllable tresses.

Others may desperately wish that their hair grow, but face the reality that their locks will never extend after a certain point. Hair extensions are really the most economical solution for women with these hair texture types.

Now, if you can afford to have regular makeovers and suburb color, you also afford professional hair extensions. The cost really depends on how many extensions you need; how you attach them; and what type of extension grade you prefer.

However, most women find that the cost pans out to be the same as two or three full salon visits for every additional foot and a half in extension hair length.

With that being said, you don’t want to go super-cheap either. Women should stay away from extensions and hairpieces that are heavier than their own locks because if they’re too heavy, the extension may damage and break off. Here, owning a variety of weights is ideal.

On the contrary, some people have given extensions bad reps by claiming that the added pieces damage the already fragile mane that it’s trying to cure.

Women who use extensions will find that they shampoo and style less often– this means no heat or product damage, which equates in the long run to healthier hair. This means, when installed and worn correctly, hair extensions can actually protect the hair from of wear and tear.

Hair extensions also satisfy other hair desires– a woman can choose different hues and blend them with other extensions to give the appearance that they own some expensive highlights. Those with no volume can own great length again too.

Finally, women who use hair extensions can train them to form a preferred style without having to mess with daily blow-drys and hot ironing. But keep in mind that a pro-stylist will need to touch up your extensions, if you choose to train them to flaunt a particular hairstyle.

Taking them in for maintenance every three months or so should do the trick.

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