Perming Your Hair: Should You or Shouldn’t You – Oklahoma City Hair Salon

It may be hard to believe, but perms are no longer considered out-of-style in today’s fashion world. Back in the 1980’s, perms were wildly popular, but often unbelievably damaging to the hair. Today’s perms, however, have changed and, it seems, women are more savvy about their hair. While a perm may look fabulous on some types of hair, women know that they’re not appropriate for every set of dreads out there. In the right hands, however, a perm can have striking results that will last up to a year.

Michael Jackson Perm Cut
Michael Jackson Perm Cut (Photo credit: Patrick Q)

A perm can give women hair that flatters their facial features with minimal morning effort. When the perm has been done properly, the wavy, curly look of a perm can soften a woman’s features. The body wave offers women a less striking change by creating soft waves rather than tight curls. Similar to a perm, it can create a certain softness around a woman’s face and add volume to the hair when it’s styled with a blow dryer. Ultimately, the best candidate for a perm or body wave is a woman who is intent on making noticeable textural changes to the hair. Often, the goal that many women are questing after is hair that requires less work to look good. In the right hands, a perm or body wave can do just that.

Unfortunately, however, women who have super-fine hair probably won’t reap the same benefits as women with other types of hair textures. Also, bleaching and highlights can predispose hair to breakage following a perm. If you’ve had some highlighting done on your hair and you really want a perm, consider growing it out. Most hair grows between ½ to 1 inch per month. Women who have had a perm within three months have the same conundrum. A perm over the top of a previous perm can have tragic results for hair.

Today’s perms start tight and slowly soften over time so that women can enjoy a variety of different textures as it grows out. A body wave may be more appropriate for women who are really concerned about the grow-out phase of a perm. Many women choose this option end up with remarkably natural looking results that blend in nicely with the rest of the hair as it grows out.

A great looking perm begins with a haircut that will flatter the face when the end result is unveiled. Women are encouraged to talk with their stylists about finding a look that is both modern and easy to maintain. When done properly, a perm can last up to one year with appropriate maintenance. Using high-quality moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, women can enjoy a completely new, yet healthy look to their hair that lasts and lasts.