Fringes Are In – Oklahoma City Hair Stylist

Bangs are back and even though it may seem like you either have them or you don’t, the reality is, there are many different ways to create face-framing fringes that flatter. There are few women who can’t enjoy the benefits of bangs as long as they choose the style to fit their face shape. Taking a moment to consider the various types of fringes that can be applied to a hairstyle can make a big difference in the final results.

Long bangs that are swept off to the side are particularly versatile. These are not in-your-face bangs. Their presence is subtle and full of sex-appeal. This type of cut can flatter just about any face shape, hair texture, and length to provide a sexy look of mystery and intrigue. They’re cut to blend fluently with the rest of the hair and they’re long enough to tuck them behind the ear.

In contrast, thick, long bangs stand out as a major feature in some hairstyles. Straight out of the 1960’s, bangs that skim the upper edge of the eyebrow are perfect for girls with medium to super-thick hair. A strong set of bangs won’t look good on women who have a cowlick near the crown of the head, however, a woman with an oval-face can seemingly shorten her face shape using long, thick bangs to trick the eye.

Women with round or oval shaped faces who are trying to create a more balanced appearance can benefit from face-framing bangs. When cut to hit the face right at the corners of the eyes, more attention is drawn to the cheekbones and a woman’s eyes are highlighted. When styling, women tend to part these bangs down the middle to create symmetry and really accentuate the cheekbones and eyes.

Women who are trying to achieve a less formal, more laid back vibe, longer bangs that lightly brush the tops of the eyelids can add the perfect touch to just about any hairstyle. These bangs should look a little messy with a part in the middle perhaps. Women with just about any face shape can pull off the rocker-style fringes with that just-rolled-out-of-bed look. They’re sexy and easy-going with face-framing appeal as long as they’re given a tousle to create a thoroughly messed up appearance.

Finally, for women who aren’t brave enough to actually chop their locks and make the fringe commitment, there are clip-in bangs that look entirely natural as long as women take the time to-find a hair texture and color that matches their own. A stylist can custom color and even cut clip-in bangs into one of the styles described above. If you decide you absolutely love them, perhaps you’ll decide to go ahead and make a commitment and have bangs cut into your real hair after all.