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Though it may seem like a no-brainer to just go buy some hair color at the grocery store for a few bucks and go home and take care of a hair color emergency with your own two hands, you may be setting yourself up for a tragedy if you choose this route. Coloring hair at home (or in a salon) isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Every year, hundreds of thousands of women botch their hair color and seek help from the salon. Before you head out to the grocery store to buy a box of cheap hair color for yourself, consider all the tragic consequences that could befall you.

Hair coloring
Hair coloring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’ve recently dyed your hair, you may want to consider going to a salon for a change rather than taking on the task yourself. Once you’ve dyed your hair, it can become damaged and a second attempt at dying your hair can cause breakage. Breakage may not sound too scary unless you think about breakage up near the roots of your hair. Though you can dye hair that has already been dyed, it’s wise to seek the advice of someone who is skilled with hair to get the right outcome. Otherwise, you could end up with thinning hair rather than a new hair color and lots of little ends sticking up out of your head.

Even highlights can be disastrous at home. Indeed, bleaching one’s hair is a harrowing undertaking without a skilled professional on your side. Applying bleach to the hair can be remarkably damaging and if you screw it up, it can also be hard to undo without doing even more damage. It can be difficult to walk away from an at home highlighting job without a few “stripes” (areas where the bleach wasn’t applied right) and these take expert hands to fix. And why risk it? If there’s any possibility that you’re going to end up at a salon to fix an at-home highlighting job, then just go to the salon in the first place.

If you have dark hair and you’re trying to lighten it, it’s best to visit the salon. True, there are boxes of bleach available almost everywhere, but it’s more likely that you’ll end up with the wrong color than the right one. Once you’ve totally fried your hair with an at-home bleaching solution and you’ve got orange locks, your hair color options are somewhat diminished. Instead of loving you’re look, you’ll be spending the next few months grateful to have hair at all and biding your time as your hair grows out.

At-home hair dye and bleach is usually a bad idea, but occasionally women get lucky with it. As a general rule, visit a salon if you’re wanting to take a big risk with your hair color or if you plan to bleach your hair.