Give Your Winter Weary Hair a Boost

Winter seems to last forever and your hair can start to look dull and feel frizzy from the constant change in temperature and wearing hats. Add to this the drying effects of indoor heat and the harsh cold and your hair can start to look and feel dry and damaged. Intense moisturizers do help, but did you know there is a color service that will boost shine and make your hair look great?

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Glossing is a semi-permanent color that adds shine and depth to your color treated or natural hair. It is very gentle since there is no ammonia or harsh chemicals. When your stylist applies color gloss it actually fills in the missing color molecules in your hair and makes your hair stronger and more manageable. Unlike permanent hair color, glossing does not change your color, but enhances it. Gloss can remove brassy and unwanted gold tones from blonde hair, give brunettes a deeper and richer color and refresh redheads.

Glossing goes by other names, color refreshing, color boosting, and color fill. Ask your stylist if this service would be a good choice to give your winter weary hair a boost and lift your spirits.

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