Hairstyles in the News February 14, 2011

Welcome to this week’s Hairstyles in the News. It seems like spring will never come to most of the country and sometimes you need a new look to give you a lift in spirits and break out of the winter doldrums. This week we take a look at a hot trend, heavy fringe bangs. Several celebrities are wearing heavy fringe this season and fringe bangs are a way to call attention to your eyes and frame your face. Dark blond hair is also making a splash and you can go from deep dark blond to golden blond with your stylist’s help. Winter is a traditional time for darker hair and this week we see one celebrity go from beachy blond with highlights to sleek brunette. Maybe you’d like to have a darker color this season for a change? And finally we see that short doesn’t mean boring with cute hair accessories. On to our celebrities of the week.
The Fab Life

Avril Lavigne may be a 26 year old divorcee, but she is still a rocker at heart. Here we see her having some fun with her hair and wearing green and pink highlights. While this look may not be for everyone, if you’re daring enough it can be a great look for the young at heart.
Style Bistro

Jennifer Lawerence has one of the hottest colors of the season – dark gold blond hair. Styled loose and flowing, this look gives her a youthful and fresh look. You can get this look easily with a large barrel curling iron and shine spray.

Leona Lewis made waves recently with her new heavyfringe bangs. This is a very popular look this season and can be worn with long or short hair.

Sandra Bullock also made a stir when she showed up at the Golden Globes withheavy fringe and Felicity Jones wore her fringe with a cute bun. As you can see fringe can be worn with almost any hairstyle and looks great on just about all face shapes.

Alexa Chung switched things up and had her hair cut in a lovely blunt look with a dark brunette color. Brunettes range from deep dark brown to caramel. You can add depth and interest with highlights of varying shades of dark blonde or add some deep dark lowlights for a completely different look.
Beauty Riot

Kimberly Wyatt shows us that just because your hair is short, it doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Her cute hairband is just one of the many accessories you can use to add interest and sparkle to your look. Another cute way to wear accessories is to clip a few pretty barrettes into your hair to secure your bangs. There are so many accessories available, you can change your look everyday if you’d like.

That’s it for this week. If you’ve found a look you like and want to try out ask your stylist to tailor one to your hair thickness and texture. Your stylist can give you the color you want with professional products that leave your hair moisturized and looking great. She also has the knowledge and skill to give you the right color for your skin tone and complexion. Until next week, be safe and try to keep warm. Spring is coming!

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