Dip Dyeing Your Hair

Lots of women are tempted to try to do their own hair dyeing projects at home, no matter how probable it is that the dye will go awry. The ombre look, sported by a number of celebrities today is a trend that can go terribly wrong in the hands of an amateur. Dip dyeing hair takes finesse. You don’t just dip your hair in a bucket of dye and end up with a stylish look. Visiting your stylist is really important if you want to make sure you end up with the look you’re really going for.

wild red hair dye self portrait 2
wild red hair dye self portrait 2 (Photo credit: pumpkincat210)

A variety of A-list celebrities have done dip dying. Naomi Campbell and Raven-Symone are just two of them who may have chosen this trendy look because they don’t have to revisit the salon every two months for a touch up to keep their dreads looking pristine. Dip dyeing has the natural advantage of growing out naturally. Rather than having roots, women who choose to go with the ombre look have “ends”. When they’re ready to try something new, it’s easy to just chop off the part of the hair that was dip dyed. Unfortunately, many women attempt the lighter on the bottom, darker on the top process at home with limited success.

Of course, it’s also possible to do a darker on the bottom and lighter on the top dip dyeing job as well. Either way, the final color that you choose is an important decision. Your stylist may be able to give you some guidance to help you find the perfect shade to match your natural color, or perhaps a secondary color that your hair could be dyed up top to give you a radically different look. Picking up a box of hair color at the local grocery store is like playing Russian roulette. You really don’t know for sure how your own natural color will interact with the boxed dye. Though you might be successful dyeing your entire head of hair with that same box of dye, it could look absolutely hideous if you attempt to color only the bottom half of your hair with the stuff.

If you like to follow the hair trends dip dyeing is definitely worth doing because it’s such a low-commitment look. Whereas some hair color trends are harder to grow out, ombre offers graceful transitioning as the hair becomes longer. But don’t be fooled by the deceptively natural looking appearance that women are able to achieve when they go to the salon for dip dyeing. In actuality, each strand of hair is carefully colored. The hair is not “dipped” into a vat of bleach or dye. Though it looks like it would be simple enough to pull off at home, it’s definitely wise to seek out a stylist to make sure the project doesn’t go off-course.