2013 Hair Color for Men

Men and women differ substantially in terms of the way they view and use hair color to achieve a particular look. Though currently, more men today are in fact dyeing their hair, their goals in doing so are quite a bit different from their female counterparts. Most hair color for men today is sought out by forth to sixty year old males who are hoping to keep a youthful appearance up. However, younger boys can pull off some trendier hair color schemes as long as they talk with a stylist to get the right look.

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While women can do some wild color changes to their hair, men are advised to be more conservative about dyeing. Most experts advise sticking close to the natural hair color. Men should generally choose from colors that are within two shades, otherwise they might get poor results. Super-dark hair color can look inky like shoe polish while hair that’s been lightened too much may look embarrassingly brassy. Ashen tones are a must for males because they offer a more rugged, masculine appearance. At any age, men who follow these rules can achieve a believable appearance rather than one that looks downright ridiculous.

For aging men, finding the right hair color can start with a dialogue with a stylist. Again, ash tones are your best bet. Because men produce less pigment for their hair as they age, the ashen tones can actually take years off the clock. Men who are smart enough to talk with a stylist to choose the perfect color are more likely to walk away with a convincing look that can turn back time.

The texture of a man’s hair differs from women’s as well and believe it or not, this can impact the way that hair color looks once the project is complete. Matte colors can make a man’s hair look too dense. Choosing a color that doesn’t penetrate as deeply into the hair may look more natural and fade over time rather than leaving embarrassing roots to contend with. Your stylist will be able to guide you in making the best choice as far as the type of hair dye that would give you the most attractive look.

There are a variety of trend hair color options available for short as well as long hair in men. A conversation with a qualified stylist is a good idea for young men who are hoping for a radical change. Boxed hair colors at the grocery store are unlikely to yield results that will look natural or attractive for that matter. Even for simple highlights, men should talk with someone who is knowledgeable on the latest trends. Better safe than sorry if you’re hoping for an eye-catching look that’s handsome rather than ridiculous.