Hairstyles in the News October 31, 2011

Welcome to this week’s Hairstyles in the News! Happy Halloween to everyone, may your treats be sweet and your tricks be good ones. This is a day to have fun, dress up and eat lots of candy. This week we’ve included some wild hairstyles just for fun and to give a nod to this day of fantasy. We also have celebrities with some very lovely looks for you to try out this week, too.
Style Bistro

Victoria Justice looks very polished in a low sleek ponytail. Ponytails are very versatile. This year the trend is for ponytails at every height. You can wear one sleek and smooth like Victoria, or you can wear it messy with tendrils framing your face.
Style Bistro

Ivanka Trump wore her hair in a half up and half down style at the recent launch of her footwear collection at Macy’s. What’s so great about this style is that it is appropriate for a special night out or just going around town. Ivanka has her hair in a center part with a bit of height at the crown. You can get this with root booster and a bit of backcombing.
Daily Mail UK

Kylie Minogue looks young and fresh with her new brunette color. Kylie also has a bit of height at the crown and heavy fringe that accentuates her features. Ask your stylist to help you choose the right brunette color for your skin tone. Deep chocolate browns and caramels are very popular this season, and with winter upon us you may want to deepen your hair color a bit.
Style Bistro

Charlotte Ross uses hair extensions to create a very cute hairband. Simply braid extensions into a thick braid and secure the ends with covered elastics. Pull your hair back into a loose ponytail and gather the ends of your hair up into the elastic then secure them with bobby pins. Pin the ends of the braid behind your ears and you’ll have a very youthful and cute look.

Bleacher Report

Jaromir Jagr, New York Ranger hockey player, and his mullet gone bad are a sight to behold. This was his actual hairstyle and not a Halloween costume, and we just had to include it in the “what were they thinking” category this week.
Daily Mail UK

Jessica Simpson on the other hand is in costume. She showed up at a recent party dressed as a mummy and confirmed she is pregnant. This is undoubtedly a wig, but it is a wild and crazy hairstyle none the less. You knew at least one pic had to be a celebrity in costume today, and this one is the winner.

That’s it for this week’s Hairstyles in the News. As always be sure to ask your stylist for recommendations on how to make these styles your own, and on what professional products to use to get the look you want. Everyone be safe this Halloween and have fun. See you next week! (Unless the monsters get you tonight…)