How to Do Hillary Duff’s Side Braid

At her recent book signing for her new book, Devoted, Hillary Duff wore her hair in an edgy side braid. What made this look different was the addition of a strip of leather into the braids. You can add a leather strip like Hillary did, or you can add some ribbon or feather extensions. To style a side braid like Hillary’s you first need to add some texture spray to your hair and rough it up with your hands. Next separate your hair into three pieces and pull them off to one side. Attach the leather strand with an elastic onto the middle braid. Create a loose braid and secure the ends with a hair tie. Wrap any extra leather strand around the hair tie and tie it. You can leave the stray strands loose, or secure them with bobby pins. Spray your hair all over with some hair spray and you’ve got a pretty twist on traditional braids.
Style Bistro

An alternative to a side part is a side ponytail. Use some texture product to make your hair easier to work with and to give you some volume then rough up your hair with your hands. Gather your hair into a side ponytail and secure with a hair tie or barrette. You can wear your hair in a deep side part like Hillary did or if you’d rather, part your hair a bit off center. An off center part is slimming to your face and keeps your style from looking too severe. If you want some lift in the crown, gently backcomb your hair and then smooth your hair down with a paddle brush. Have fun experimenting with different variations, and ask your stylist for recommendations on professional products to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

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