Men Go Retro with the “Darmody” – Oklahoma City Hairstylist

The popularity of HBO’s show, Boardwalk Empire, has helped to fuel a new hair trend among young men. The Darmody, or undercut, is a style which is close cut on the sides and left long on the top. Michael Pitt played the character James “Jimmy” Darmody on the popular show. His character has been killed off, but his hairstyle lives on.,0,2376612.story
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You can also see versions of this cut in the movie, Oh Brother Where Art Thou? If you look at pictures of the old time mobsters, you’ll see this was a popular cut during prohibition times, and today it is one of the most popular cuts requested by men in their 20s and 30s.

If you want to try out this style, ask you stylist to give you an undercut. Depending on your facial shape and how daring you are, you can have your hair cut very close on the sides or have a more blended look. The key is to have the sides shorter than the top. You can then use pomade and slick the top back, or for a different look use styling paste to add some texture.,0,1552250.story
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This cut is suitable for almost all jobs and walks of life. Not quite as funky as the mullet, but not as boring as a fade, the Darmody is an excellent choice for young professionals and any man who wants to look polished and tap into the retro trend. This may not be the style for you if your hairline is receding since you won’t be able to get the signature combed back look, but your stylist can adapt the cut to your hair and give you a reasonable facsimile. Get in on the retro trend and give the Darmody a try.

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