All you need to know about Hair Extensions – Oklahoma City

Hair extensions have created a huge craze and everyone seems to be looking for more information on hair extensions before they make up their mind. There are many different views and opinions about hair extensions which end up confusing the average consumer. However, in this article you will find all the important basic information you need regarding hair extensions. After reading this article, you will know everything you need to know to make an informed decision regarding hair extensions.

As the name indicates, hair extensions are used to add length and volume to a person’s natural hair. Hair extensions are artificial attachments that are tailored to match your hair color and type closely to create a natural look. The hair extensions are available in different lengths and can be altered according to the choice of the consumer.

Types of hair extensions:

There are many different types of hair extensions available in the market and the price depends on the kind of hair extension that you opt for. The hair extensions made form human hair are the most natural looking and hence the most expensive ones as well. Other cheaper options include organic hair extensions, animal hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions.

Synthetic hair extensions are the cheapest as they are easy to manufacture and are available in a variety of shades.

Attaching hair extensions:

There are many different methods by which one can attach hair extensions; sometimes the method of attachment depends on the material from which the hair extensions are made. It might also depend on the condition of your hair as it might be harder to attach extensions to hair that is prone to breakage and frizziness.

Clip-on hair extensions are the most popular ones as they are really easy to attach and detach and one doesn’t have to go to a salon to get them attached. However, these attachments are temporary and need to be removed before going to sleep.

Extensions can also be attached with the help of a double-sided tape that is created especially for this purpose. This method of attachment is preferred for medium term usage and can be done at home, although it is recommended that you go to your hair stylist to get this done.

The micro ring and fusion extension attachment methods are used for long term attachment. However, these procedures are complicated and can be done by a professional stylist only.

Another common long term attachment procedure is the Sewn Weft extensions. These are actually sown on to braided sections of your hair and need to be attached by a professional.

Care required:

It is important to know that you need to take care of your hair extensions just as you would care for your natural hair. If you neglect your hair extensions, they will not last long. You need to wash and condition your hair extensions on a weekly basis and comb through them to make sure that they are free of tangles.