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You Don’t Have to be Japanese to Have Japanese Hair Straightening Oklahoma City Hair Stylist

Japanese hair straightening has become very popular. The Japanese method makes your hair sleek, straight and shiny. This method actually reconstructs your hair from the inside out and makes it stronger. It is the perfect solution for dry frizzy hair or hair that has experienced damage. How the Japanese method works is the hair shaft is softened up with chemicals, a flat iron is used to form the new straightened curl pattern and a neutralizer is applied to lock in the straightened pattern. The Japanese method is considered a permanent straightening method. It will last until your hair grows out.

You don’t have to be Japanese to have this method done, in fact many celebrities have it done on a regular basis. According to an article on, actress Julianna Moore has her hair straightened by Ty Holbrook, who is a stylist at the John Frieda salon in New York City. Although not confirmed, some celebrities which may have Japanese hair straightening done are Jennifer Aniston, Tyra Banks, and Carmen Diaz. It is hard to tell who has had this procedure done since it looks so natural.

The Japanese method is also known as thermal reconditioning. It has been around for many years in Japan and China and has recently become very popular in the United States. New advances have made it safer than ever to have beautifully sleek hair that is healthy looking and in great shape. The Japanese method has none of the health risks associated with some straightening methods since it contains no formaldehyde or formalin. The next time you see a celebrity with straight, silky smooth hair she may have had the Japanese hair straightening method done. Like the old saying goes, “only her hairdresser knows for sure.”