Go Bold and Short for the Summer

Summer is a great time to go for a bold color and a short cut. A choppy bob in beautiful mahogany is a vibrant color and a very trendy cut. Red is the color of the season and this combination of dark mahogany and bright red is daring and trendy. One of the most popular cuts this season is a choppy bob. There are several versions of a choppy bob from wispy to structured choppy layers. This cut is perfect for almost all hair textures. Thick hair and thin hair benefit from this cut as thick hair will be easier to control, and thin hair will look thicker with a choppy bob.

If you do opt for vivid red shades, use professional hair care products to keep your hair looking fresh. Red is notorious for fading and over the counter products contain ingredients which can make your color fade quickly. The reason for this is red color molecules are large and have a tendency to “leak” out of the cortex (center) of your hair easier than other color molecules. You stylist can recommend a complete line of hair care products to match your texture, thickness and color of your hair.

If you don’t want to be very bold, consider having peek-a-boo strands of different hues of red. Celebrities have embraced this hair trend with contrasting color stands underneath their hair. This gives you extra style without a complete color change. Talk to your stylist and get her recommendations. She knows your hair and your lifestyle and can help you to decide on the perfect cut and color for you this summer.

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