Manage Excess Hair Growth at the Salon – Oklahoma City

When you have excess hair growth, it feels like you’re the only one. In reality, however, lots of people have an overgrowth of hair in some area of the body. Indeed, whether you have an overgrowth of hair in an area where it doesn’t belong or just a normal amount of hair in areas that aren’t terribly flattering, your salon specialist can help you find the right technique to make you look your best. Believe it or not, managing excess hair growth is old hat for individuals who strive to make others beautiful. So don’t be shy! Talk to your cosmetologist about your hair removal options at the salon.

Wax-leaved Climber
Wax-leaved Climber (Photo credit: dinesh_valke)

Excess hair growth may be caused by genetics, the use of certain medications, or just hormones that are out of whack for one reason or another. If you have an overgrowth of hair in an area of the body and it seems abnormal, you may want to see your doctor before heading over to the salon. But once you’ve figured out the cause and you’re just trying to manage the effects, you’ll have several options available if you don’t want to spend the rest of all eternity shaving the hair: waxing, threading, laser hair removal, or electrolysis.

In order to avoid the scarring that’s possible with plucking hairs from areas that are overgrown, many people choose waxing. It’s easiest to go to a salon to use this method of hair removal. Doing is at home is painful and rather messy and often, self-waxers don’t end up with the great results that are possible with the help of a professional.

It’s commonly used by women to remove hair temporarily along the upper lip.
Threading is another salon-oriented hair removal method. It’s similar to plucking, but less traumatic to the surrounding tissues. Based on a traditional Indian method of removing hair, the string is knotted or twisted around hairs to pluck them out of the follicle, leaving behind a smooth, hairless look. The results, of course, are temporary, but aesthetically pleasing.

Waxing and threading are traditional methods of hair removal that are tried and true, but many people today are using high-tech means to achieve a clean, smooth appearance. Laser hair removal systems and electrolysis offer more permanent results than what’s possible with waxing or threading.

Laser hair removal emits a pulse of light that destroys the bulb of the hair. It’s important that those seeking this form of hair removal treatment select a technician or a doctor who is skilled at using the technique. The results are long-lasting, but there may be risks involved with the treatment.

By sending an electric current through the hair follicle, electrolysis treatments produce long-lasting results that cause hair to stop growing. A tiny needle must be inserted into each individual follicle and the electric current must then be applied. The process can be tedious and sometimes painful, the results are often worthwhile.