The Wedge Hair Cut Revisited – Oklahoma City Salon

Lots of women these days are sporting hair styles that have been recycled from the 1970’s or 1980’s. The wedge hair cut has a lot to offer women who want a medium length do that will flatter the face and be easy to fix every day. That’s why the wedge is making such a big come-back today. It’s the perfect combination of convenience and aesthetics for women on-the-go.

Victoria Beckham singing on pole
Victoria Beckham singing on pole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The wedge bears some resemblance to the inverted bob, which was re-introduced as a line bob, stacked, or angled bob in 2013. Both the wedge and the inverted bob have arrived back on the fashion scene due to its flattering appeal. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, and Rihanna have pushed the thresholds of popularity for the inverted bob while Jenny McCarthy wears the wedge with flair. Nicole Richie has also amped up the popularity of the wedge using a glossy finish to give it a particularly polished look.

A super-straight wedge may not work for everyone, but some variation can be adapted to most heads of hair. A basic bob hair cut can be carefully designed to flatter curly, wavy, or straight hair and various face shapes. Some women may look better with bangs or extra length to the cut. The angle of the hairstyle is also important. A talented stylist may be able to provide you with advice to set you up with a wedge or bob that will be most flattering to your face.

Originally, the wedge was an adaptation of the bowl cut and women who wore it generally had naturally very straight hair. Dorothy Hamill, the Olympic figure-skater made the wedge haircut famous and popular in the 1970’s and since that time, it’s appeal has not really faded, though the styles have been recreated several times over. The key is to find a shape, length, and angle that is ideally suited to your face shape and hairstyling goals. Though there are some higher-maintenance wedge hair cuts on the market, women who are too busy to fuss over their hair can find a suitable cut that will style quickly and easily for their day-to-day beauty regimen.

Today’s wedge is a combination of that original bowl cut and other layered hairstyles that are related to the bob. By combining a variety of different and interesting elements into the modern-day wedge, stylists have been able to make this hair cut one of the most adaptive hairstyles available to today’s busy woman. A wedge can incorporate different textures of the hair to give it personality and make it ideally suited to the face shape. It’s an excellent choice for women who don’t want super-short hair, but also can’t take the time to deal with long hair either.