Human Hair Extension Placement Methods – Which One is Right for Your Hair?

Human hair extensions are the best choice when you want to add volume and length to your hair. While synthetic hair extensions may seem like a good deal, they can not be styled like your natural hair and do not look as natural as human hair extensions. Unlike human hair extensions, you can’t use heat or change their wave pattern. If placed correctly human hair extensions look natural and people will be unable to tell you have them. Remy human hair extensions are the highest quality and most natural looking ones on the market. These are natural human hair cut from one weft to maintain the smoothness and strength of the hair.

English: Beautiful natural healthy hair
English: Beautiful natural healthy hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sewn in extensions are an economical and long lasting way to place extensions. If done by a hairstylist sewn in extensions can last for several weeks. First she will section out your hair to place the extensions. Just under where the extension will be located, she will tightly braid a horizontal line and sew the extension onto this braid. Depending on the look you want and how many extensions are needed, she will continue to do this until all of the extensions are placed. One of the biggest advantages to sewn in extensions is if taken care of properly, they can be used again. When you’re ready to take them out, your stylist carefully removes the threads and there is no damage or breakage of your natural hair.

A more permanent placement method is fusion. A stylist must be certified to use this method since if done improperly fusion can cause serious damage to your hair. A tool is used to heat the hair shaft and extension to fuse them together. New fusion tools use sound waves and no heat to accomplish the fusion process. Fused extensions will normally last until your hair grows out and they are cut off with a new style. This is the most expensive placement method and can cost several hundred dollars, but the effects are the most natural and longest lasting of all placement methods.

You stylist should give you a consultation to determine how long you want to wear your extensions, the look you want to achieve, and take into account your budget. She will then order the extensions or tell you where to purchase them. Don’t expect to walk into a reputable salon and out again with a head of high quality extensions. You’ll probably have to come back after your consultation appointment to get them placed. Professionally placed human hair extensions should be looked upon as an investment. They’re not cheap, but will give you a full head of long sexy hair for many weeks or months if done by a professional hairstylist.