K-Pop Influences in Hairstyles

K-Pop, Korean pop music, is influencing hairstyles all over the world. The Pussycat Dolls singer, Kim Wyatt, is one of the celebrities that have embraced the K-Pop style. This style is young, fresh and edgy. K-Pop style has spikes, razor cuts and lots of hair product. Female K-Pop singers also wear their hair with many long layers and spiked fringe. Recently Indonesian hairstylists gathered at the Bidakara Hotel in Jakarata to celebrate new styles which featured many hairstyles inspired by Korean pop stars. One of the newest styles previewed by Indonesian hairdresser Johnny Andrean is a medium length cut with soft layers and curls around the edges. K-Pop is a very popular music style that features young artists who have become very popular around the world. Some of the most popular bands include Super Junior, SHINee, and Girl’s Generation.

English: Pussycat Dolls at the concert. Polski...
English: Pussycat Dolls at the concert. Polski: Pussycat Dolls na koncercie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can have the K-Pop style with the right cut and styling products. Ask your stylist for an asymmetrical razor cut if you want a style like Kim’s. On towel dried hair apply some root boost and volumizing mousse. Use a barrel brush and blow dry your hair lifting your hair to concentrate the air flow on your roots. Continue to lift the hair on the crown of your head and twist the brush to direct the hair under. Next use the brush to give the back of your hair a bit of flip on the ends. The idea is to make the style look unstructured, so don’t be too worried if your hair decides to do its own thing. After your hair is dry, put a bit of paste or wax on your hands and rub them together to activate it. Scrunch the product through your hair and use some to piece out your bangs and add definition.

If you’re looking for a new style, why not try the hairstyles of popular K-Pop bands? Ask your stylist to help you find one that is right for your hair texture and thickness. Join in the Korean style trend with an expert cut from your stylist and professional hair products.