Why You Should Get Regular Haircuts

Regular haircuts really do make your hair look healthier. While the old wife’s tale of cutting your hair may not be exactly true, and most wife’s tales do have a bit of truth in them, if you keep your hair trimmed it will look healthy and give you better performance when you style it. Removing dead ends, faded color and any damage will help your hair to be shiny and look its best. Here’s some benefits of making and keeping your next appointment with your stylist.

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  • Haircuts start to look spent in about four to six weeks. Your hair will have grown enough in four to six weeks that your cut starts to look old. If you’ve ever tried to grow you hair out you know exactly how this looks.
  • Regular cuts keep dead ends under control. Dead ends can make your hair look dry and frizzy.
  • If you have your hair colored the ends may start to look brassy and they will absorb more of the color than at your scalp giving you an uneven look.
  • Your stylist is trained to watch for signs of any issues of the scalp and hair. If you are a regular client she will notice any changes  that may require treatment. She can also recommend products that will keep your scalp and hair looking and feeling healthy.

With regular cuts you can also stay up on the latest styles and techniques to style your hair. Your stylist is your best resource for haircare and styling. So make and keep your appointments and have the hair you always wanted.

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