Get Nicole Richie’s New Look

One of the most versatile styles is the layered bob. This hairstyle gives you many options. You can wear it sleek and smooth, wavy and with body, large or small barrel curls or pieced out. Nicole Richie recently had her hair cut in a stylish layered bob and is seen her with it pieced out to add some texture. Her honey blond hair and light caramel lowlights give her hair depth and dimension. The side bangs accent her beautiful large brown eyes. It is easy to get the same look for your hair.

The first step is to go to your stylist and ask for a layered bob. To get Nicole’s warm honey blonde color ask your stylist to give you this color and then add light caramel lowlights throughout the hair. You can get this style by using your blow dryer and a large barrel brush. Apply some volumizing mousse and pull your hair up gently with the brush to dry the roots and give your hair maximum volume. Then as you dry your hair, take the brush and direct the air flow from your blow dryer onto the hair and twist the brush to help your hair turn under. Use this method on your bangs, directing the hair under and to the side. Once your hair is dry, take some styling wax or balm and apply to your hands. Scrunch the ends of your hair and piece out sections to get the look you want. Finish with a medium hold hair spray and a few spritzes of shine spray.

This style works with any thickness of hair and can make even thin hair look thicker. Your stylist can recommend the right products for your hair type and its needs. Start with a great cut and great products and you can have this smart style like Ms. Richie.

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