The Bouffant is Back and Bigger Than Ever – Oklahoma City Hair Stylist

If you are old enough, you may remember Marlo Thomas in the popular TV show That Girl. This show was on in the 60’s and Marlo played a young woman living in New York City. She wore a traditional bouffant hairstyle that was popular back then. The bouffant became one of the most popular and iconic styles of that time and remained popular through the 70’s and 80’s (think Delta Burke and big hair). Today the bouffant is showing up on runways and red carpets with a 2011 twist. Instead of being “helmet hair” today’s styles are freer and less constructed. While traditional bouffants were smooth and flipped up on the ends, today’s bouffants are curly, wavy and as big as ever.

It is easy to get this look. You will need a paddle brush, volumizing mousse, hot rollers, maximum hold hairspray, and shine spray. First apply volumzing mousse to towel dried hair. If your hair tends to frizz up, use a frizz serum to prevent this. Blow dry your hair and concentrate the stream of hot air first on your roots. To really pump up the volume flip your hair over your head while you bend over and dry it until it is almost completely dry. When you stand up you will be amazed at how full your hair is.

Next roll your hair up in hot rollers or you can use a large barrel curling iron. If you use a curling iron, roll each curl up in rollers and secure it with a hairpin. Let your hair cool completely. After you take out the rollers lightly brush your hair and then back comb the roots of your hair until you get the lift and volume you want. Smooth your hair over your roots and use maximum hairspray to set your curls. Add a spritz of shine spray and you’ve got big beautiful bouffant hair.
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Ask your stylist to show you how to back comb if you’re not sure. It’s fairly easy to do. Simply take a section of your hair and lightly brush toward your scalp. A great cut is your base for any haircut and your stylist will recommend professional products to give you the look you want and keep your hair healthy.

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