Short Hairstyles are Hot for 2012 – Oklahoma City Hair Salon

One of the hottest trends for 2012 is short hair. There are lots of options if you want to wear your hair short. Short hair really accentuates your features and can be very feminine. Layered styles work best for short styles since it brings out the natural wave of your hair, and the layers add movement and depth. With gel and paste you can add lift and definition to your style, or use a smoothing serum for a sleek look. A great cut is essential for short hairstyles, so be sure to keep up with your trims at least every six weeks to keep your cut in shape.
Become Gorgeous

Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner system to keep your hair in its best shape. Treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment once a month at the salon to rebuild and renew your hair. Deep conditioning treatments also help to keep your scalp from getting dry and flaky during the winter. Ask your stylist about adding a gloss treatment to give your hair lots of shine and revamp your hair color. Gloss will also protect your hair and keep it from becoming damaged or frizzy.

The bowl cut is a lovely hairstyle with lots of options. You can wear it with the sides close cropped, long side fringe, or blunt bangs. The textured pixie is a fun style you can wear to work or for a special event. This cut is great to get the illusion of thickness in thin hair. Add some root lifter, styling paste and ruff up your hair for a current look.

There are many choices for short hair, ask your stylist for ideas if you’re considering going short for 2012. Why not try a different color to really switch up your looks? Vibrant orange and copper reds are hot right now as well as deep rich brunettes. Pale blondes are also very trendy right now. Add some small highlights weaved into your color and you’ll be on spot for 2012.

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