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To truly capture the essence of a rock star through your hair, you need to take some time to look at the people who made it in the music industry. With few exceptions, rock stars tend to wear their hair very natural and always, their look has to say, “I didn’t try too hard to make my hair look this way.” Rock star hair has to look as though the person wearing it didn’t work too hard on it, but at the same time, sometimes the hair style can be quite flamboyant and eye-catching. What you choose to do with your hair as a rock star, depends on the type of music you’re playing and the overall message you’re trying express through your look.

Kurt Cobain
Cover of Kurt Cobain

These days, rocks stars don’t sport a pristine look. Instead, the hair has to look as though it fell into place, quite by accident. It isn’t that people won’t notice your hair if you do something really dramatic like Annie Lennox with her bright orange buzz cut. But it you choose a style that’s dramatic and eye-catching, you have to wear it with total confidence or it will detract from your look instead of adding to it.

A generic rock star hair style is a no-nonsense, no-frills affair. Unless you’re doing something loud and controversial like Pink it’s best to stick with a timeless cut that won’t go out of style. Stay away from scene hair or the goth look because these styles can make you look jaded. They’ll go out of style eventually and you don’t want to go out of style with them. As a rock star, you really need to make sure your hair style is entirely your own and that it highlights your strengths and downplays your weaknesses. Rather than trying to follow a trend, musicians and rocks stars should be at the forefront, starting the trends.

Annie Lennox
Cover of Annie Lennox

A longer style is probably a better choice than something really short. Bangs are okay, but don’t overdo them. Talk to your stylist about getting some bangs that are flattering but aren’t too over the top. Don’t blow dry your hair until it’s completely straight. Instead, lead it air dry a little and wear it naturally instead. Stay away from straightening or curling the hair with a heat styling tool. The more natural the look, the better.

For the grunge look like what Kurt Cobain wore, you’ll want to avoid washing your hair too frequently. This will give your hair a laid-back look with plenty of greasiness. Talk with your stylist about getting a hair cut that would flatter your face shape and look good without a lot of fuss. If you don’t over-style your hair, your natural beauty will show through and you’ll seem more confident and definitely have a more unique look than someone who is trying to follow the trends.

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