Men’s Hair Trends

One of the most important trends for men is to keep the hair just a bit longer. Rather than doing a buzz cut or a crew cut, men should plan to leave some length on top of the head and perhaps at the sides too. There are plenty of amazing styles to choose from, but the most important thing to remember is that, if you want to stay with the trends, you need to grow out your hair just a little. Talk with your stylist about the latest hair cuts that are available to fit your face shape and hair texture and then go from there.

man hair photoWhile you explore your options, keep in mind that you’ll actually need to style your hair each day. You won’t be able to cop out and do the same style over and over again either. You need to be prepared to be creative with your hair. Longer cuts make it a lot easier for men to create a variety of different styles. Women love a man who is willing to change his look from day to day to keep things interesting!

No matter whether you’re growing your hair out a couple of inches or down to your shoulders, the undercut is simple and keeps styling simple. This style simply involves shaving the sides of the head while leaving the top of the head and the tops of the sides of the head longer. If you leave a bit of length to the sides of the head that are shaved, you can slick the hair back for a softer look and leave some length on top of the head that can be spiked with styling gel or tossled, depending on your mood each day.

man hair photoHair styles that you’ll be able to consider doing, depending on the way you get your hair cut, include slicked back and tossled looks. You only need perhaps two or three inches of hair all over the head or just on top of the head to be able to do these styles. You can also go for a side-swept style when you get bored with the status quo. If you don’t know how to style your hair, discuss your options with your stylist and have him or her give you the basic rundown on how to make these styles work with minimal effort.

Even though you’ll be spending some time styling your new hair cut each day, it isn’t necessary to spend much time. Most men’s hair styles for medium-length hair are still quick and easy to manage. It might take 3 to 5 minutes out of every day, but the results will turn heads. If you have enough hair to do a slightly longer style, you’ll like the way people respond to you when you grow out your hair and actually style it each day.

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