Posh Bobs – Made Popular by Victoria Beckham

Variations on the classic bob hairstyle abound, especially among well-know actresses like Uma Thurman. Katie Holmes has also been seen sporting the modern day bob with bangs, while Charlize Theron looks great in her blond layered bob.

Posh Suicide
Image by seanbonner via Flickr

But it is Victoria Beckham, also known as “Posh Spice”, who has given the bob a newer modern look. Voted as having the best hairstyle in 2007, the Posh bob is shorter in the back while being longer in the front with an angle to it. Her asymmetrical cut has caught the attention of the world. The Posh bob is all tousled and messy but still smooth and sleek.

Victoria Beckham sported long hair for quite a time. But her Posh bob is being copied the world over because of its sophistication and hint of sultriness. This is not that different from the attention received by Farrah Fawcett in the 70s or Jennifer Aniston in the 90s.

The style, however, compliments nearly every head. The look gives fine hair a lift and for thick hair, the weight is removed. The posh bob frames the face while falling gently over some of the facial features, like the eyes.

Your stylist should be proficient with razor cuts, because the razor is one of the best ways to texturize the hair and achieve this specific style and look. To ensure your posh bob stays stylish after shampooing and conditioning, massage with an anti-frizz balm and mousse. Blow dry the hair, brushing the hair towards the face, not forgetting to brush stray strands as well. A wax may be used to spike up some strands. Finally, to keep the style in place, finish off with a spray.

The Posh bob has helped bring the glory back to short hair. Short hair can be sexy and sophisticated with a posh bob.

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