Medium Hair Styles in 2010

Medium hair generally rests on the shoulders or a couple of inches below, and offers a variety of hair styles without changing the length. But you can also risk adopting a “mommy look” unless you make the effort to add texture and highlights or some additional style. Whether straight, wavy, or curly, medium length hair is the most adaptable length. But there are some styling errors you should avoid.

Image by Peadar O’Sullivan via Flickr

First, avoid the blunt cut if you have thick, straight hair. You run the risk of having a Chinese baby doll look that has gone astray. This is because there is the tendency to look like you have too much hair and not enough face. Second, if you are going to try a curly look on straight hair, remember not to get it too tightly curled. This will shorten your hair too much, and give you the Little Bo Peep look that is not quite in style right now.

For 2010 medium length hair, consider adding some edge by styling your hair to flip outward. If you have never seen Manga – the Japanese comic characters, go check it out. This look is fabulous on the younger, yuppie crowd, but would also look great once in while for older women. You might call it a stylish shag that’s edgy and attractive. This look requires some amount of confidence to pull it off properly, so make sure you won’t be hiding it under a hat or scarf.

Layering is also a hot look 2010. With medium length hair, you have a fantastic opportunity to style your hair with drastic or conservative layers – whichever you like. You could also add some bangs which can either be slightly swept up or aside; or you could make them wispy, feather-like bangs that graze your forehead slightly. You could also try the flipped hair look which is actually great on any length. This hair trend is for the young and young-at-heart. It would look great with any outfit, day or night.

Sleek, silky hair is still an eye-catching look for 2010. However, you need to make sure your hair is conditioned and healthy to get a look that will make heads turn. One way to do this is have your hair re-bonded or have a cellophane treatment. This will make your hair silky smooth and soft to touch. At a minimum, you may need deep conditioning.

Once you have the style you are happy with, ask your stylist’s advice on different ways to dress your hair. Go in for a style and go on a few occasions, and let her create quick looks for you that are simple to do and will not take too much time. Do experiment with hair products like gel, mousse, hair setters or hair wavers. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard with cheap hair products from the store that could damage your hair. Consult your stylist, who has access to products, and information/education about them, that you won’t.

Anastasia is a salon hair stylist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Out of town appointments welcome.